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Waiting for COP26; more attention to the climate crisis is needed


Cop26, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, will be held in Glasgow from November 1st to 12th 2021. Meanwhile, in Milan, Youth4Climate has just ended and the Pre-Cop event is about to begin: climate change is a necessary topic to talk about.

Since the dates of Cop26 were initially announced to be held in May, much has been done for the meeting: for instance, the "Friends of Cop" at the Youth4Climate. For almost thirty years, the UN has gathered almost every country on the occasion of the global climate summits, called "COP" (which stands for "Conference of the Parties"). For the 26th edition, the Conference will be chaired by the United Kingdom, which is already working with each country to reach an agreement on how to deal with increasingly evident and urgent climate change. The Conference will be held in Glasgow, at the Scottish Exhibition Center, from November 1st to 12th. COP26's main goal is to encourage companies for sustainable growth and employment and to protect the most vulnerable communities from the consequences of climate change.

Cop26: from the definition of the dates to the "Friends of COP"

The Bureau of the Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), in accordance with the British and Italian governments, had announced the dates of the Conference, last May, with an important message from the Government of the United Kingdom: "Over 25 experts on various global issues would have assisted the COP26 Presidency. Under the name of "Friends of COP", the 25 experts are true bearers of expertise from countries on six continents and serve as inspiration for the UK Government, each for its own sectors, in view of COP26.

The Partnership with Italy: Youth4Climate and Pre-Cop in Milan

As well as the United Kingdom, Italy was committed to recognizing climate change and biodiversity loss as fundamental topics of discussion at the 2021 agenda. For this reason, the Presidency of COP26 is assumed by Great Britain in partnership with Italy. As proof of such a strong partnership, the headquarters of the Pre-Cop26 activities were held in Milan, at the MiCO Congress Center, from September 30th to October 2nd. The Pre-Cop, as always, is a formal occasion for Ministers from each country to work on negotiations before the November summit. In Milan, another preparatory event for Cop26 has just ended: the Youth4Climate, where over 400 young people between 15 and 29 years old and from 197 countries examined the main climate crisis. Among them was Greta Thunberg, the symbolic figure in the fight against climate change since the "Global Strike for Future", and Vanessa Nakate. "We are going fast in the wrong direction." Thunberg said, who continued her speech saying, "Our leaders are not acting deliberately, and this is a betrayal. They cannot say they do, because they continue to open coal mines and exploit deposits, without increasing funds for vulnerable countries. They never listened to us ". Could Cop-26 be an occasion for denial?

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