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The story of Piantando: the startup which reforests Patagonia

La startup che ha riforestato la Patagonia la storia di Piantando

A project with an ambitious goal: to give people the opportunity to do their part. So one hectare was reforested in Patagonia.

We are surrounded by plenty of initiatives to help the planet and promote sustainable development. Among these, tones of companies provide their support for a more sustainable lifestyle: this is the case of Piantando, a benefit corporation founded in 2018 to "make this planet a better place, day after day". Piantando was born during a business trip where one of the founders, Andrea Evangelista, came into contact with a non-profit association that recovers deteriorated areas to create new forests. Once back in Italy, Andrea shared his idea with Chiara Riente. The two supported the non-profit association in finding funds to plant trees through the selling of succulents. However, Piantando's activities concern not only reforestation but also "we have expanded the areas of intervention. Piantando is a benefit corporation that supports projects to care about the environment (in Italy and worldwide); each of our products is unique and certified", said Chiara Riente to Forbes.

The Patagonia Project

One of the characteristics of Piantando, as we read on the website, is practicality. Piantando does not donate funds to charity, but starts new projects or aims at amplifying the impact of existing ones. Following this approach, the startup reforested with native trees a hectare in Patagonia in 2019, supporting the local project "Fundacion Reforestemos". Piantando goes far beyond reforestation activities only: "planting a native tree means restoring dignity not only to a geographical area but to the entire ecosystem, where animals, insects and symbiotic tree species find their home".

Other projects

The startup takes action for other projects. Piantando led five medical expeditions to Peru, on Amantani island: the company directly contributes for free medical checks to locals. In addition, the startup has started planting 2000 trees in Abruzzo, in order to create a natural reserve and rebuild the local area - which is at risk of fire, runoff and drought. Piantando also supports Malawi communities through a drinking water well's construction, in partnership with "Il Pozzo dei Desideri".

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