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The Rise of E-Bikes

Il boom delle E-bike, la mobilità sostenibile e modaiola

Electric bicycles are getting more and more popular in the streets. Many brands want to focus on electric mobility.

Electric mobility on two wheels is very popular with Italians who choose cycling, especially in Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto, and Emilia Romagna. Among Italian cities, there's also Ferrara, where 89.5% of 135,000 inhabitants own a bicycle - and those who use it every day are more than 30%.

In the last year only, the e-bike market has grown by 20%, with over 40 thousand bikes sold - in contrast with 2019. Choosing the appropriate bike, traditional or electric, does not just mean following the latest trend or being fascinated by the most expensive model. It is necessary to choose the one that best suits different needs.

City bikes

It is the ideal solution in the city thanks to the comfortable driving structure, fenders, and chain guard which do not get dirty, the wheels suitable for historic streets. The gearbox also allows you to face short climbs without sweating and is great for weekend out-of-door trips.

Mountain bike

It is suitable for trails, dirt roads, and uneven ground. However, it is quite expensive and requires training.


It is "essential". Produced in New York and intended for bike messengers, it consists of chassis, two wheels, a saddle, two pedals, brakes, and handlebars: no gearbox, no lights and no fenders.

Folding bike

Fashionable, expensive, ultra-thin and handy, the folding bike is perfect to be carried on trains and public transport.

Racing bike

It can be of several types, with steel frame, indestructible and with great performance; however, it might be not comfortable over long distances.

Pedal-assisted, e-bike

The human propulsive action is added to the engine's energy. E-bikes are very quiet, have no polluting emissions and have autonomy from 40 to 150 kilometres. The e-bike is not only a fast and clean means of transport but has become the symbol of sustainability and respect for the environment. E-bike is now extremely popular, thanks to several Italian and international brands: V-ITA, Icon. E, The One, Spillo and Smart. E.

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