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The Italian Sustainability Photo Award

Italian Sustainability Photo Award ecco gli scatti finalisti del concorso

On November 12th the winners of the Italian Sustainability Photo Award - the contest about sustainability in Italy - were announced

"We are looking for Italian stories, the ambitious tales of a forward-looking country that is aiming for growth. We invite photographers from all over the world to respond to the challenge: to produce powerful and visionary images that describe and illustrate hope, the future, rights and obligations, progress towards a more sustainable existence by focusing on stories of Environmental Sustainability, Social Sustainability and Sustainable Governance" this is the message on the contest's website. 

The competition was designed by Parallelozero, an international photojournalist agency, under the patronage of Compact NetworkItalia, Fondazione Cariplo and Fondazione Cariverona. ISPA was created to raise awareness on environmental sustainability issues, social sustainability and sustainable governance - following the cornerstones of the acronym ESG.

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The website recounts that "sustainability is about us, our daily lives, how we act day by day. How, with our responsible choices, we determine today the lives of those who will come after us"; the competition wants to tell "conscious choices, innovative ideas, brave solutions".


Sustainability in images: over 244 participants

The competition, free of charge, involved over 244 photographers, who sent 1769 pictures. The competition offers 15,000 euros as the first-place prize, for three categories:



  • The photographs must not have been taken before 1 January 2017 and must have been taken within the borders of Italy


  • Each Entrant may submit a maximum of 3 Photo Stories, which must not have been taken before 1 January 2017 and within the borders of Italy
  • The Photo Story must consist of between eight (minimum) and 12 (maximum) images, which must be accompanied by a caption


  • Each Entrant may submit only one project, which must comprise between 10 (minimum) and 30 (maximum) images. There is no time constraint for these photographs.
  • Each photograph submitted as part of the project must have been taken inside the borders of Italy; the project must be developed within the borders of Italy
  • The project submitted must be produced and completed between 30 March 2020 and 31 August 2020.

The jury includes photographers, photo editors and international journalists, who have awarded the winners of the three categories of the competition on November 12, on the occasion of the event "L'Economia del Futuro", by Corriere della Sera. The award ceremony was hosted by the president of the competition jury, Tiziana Ferrario, journalist and television presenter, representatives of the Parallelozero agency and Alessandro Gandolfi, PIMCO Italian managing director, the main sponsor of the competition.

You can check the 2020 winners here.


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