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The biocircular economy in the cosmetics market

In what way sustainability standards join the cosmetic industry? What are the innovative technologies which use the circular economy model in cosmetics and nutraceuticals' sector? The circular...

The city of Karlsruhe will be sustainable by the end of 2022

The Finnish company Stora Enso will provide the city of Karlsruhe (Germany) a renewable, biomass-based heating district by the end of 2022.

Fires in Australia: climate change behind the massacre

English version by Lara Gastaldi

After the disaster that destroyed the Amazon forest a few months ago, it is the Australian continent the new sufferer. Heavy damage was caused by fires and...

Italy and the 17 SDGs at a glance

English version by Lara Gastaldi

After the Rio+20 Conference for green economy in 2012, the international politics’ interest has been addressed to Agenda 2030, which includes the 17 Sustainable...

Artifishal, Patagonia’s movie about salmons and fish extinction 

English version by Lara Gastaldi

Artifishal is a docufilm by Patagonia, which recounts the economic interests behind the fishing industry: huge farms for industrial fish breeding – that put wild...

Mediterranean countries fail to protect their sea

According to the latest WWF’s report on the Mediterranean Sea, 21 countries failed their global commitment to efficiently safeguard their marine protected areas.

GreenItaly 2019: Italian companies invest in the green economy

English version by Lara Gastaldi

The GreenItaly Report by Symbola Foundation - Unioncamere has documented a record of eco-investments in Italy in the last 5 years. Almost 300.000 companies are...

Europe has a Green Deal

On December 11th, the European Green Deal has been presented by the European Commission. The document is a roadmap for making the EU’s economy sustainable by turning climate and environmental...

Winning pioneering projects in energy efficiency, renewable materials and electromagnetic radiation

Picture credits: Global Energy Association

2019 edition of Global Energy Association will reward 4 young researchers and innovators in the R&D energy sector for their technological innovations....

How to have your Christmas as green as your tree

2019 is almost over with fairly positive records; many people in Italy drew their attention to woods and forests’ ecosystems. Moreover, WWF developed a list of tips in order to decrease pollution...

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