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How to travel consciously: 4 eco-friendly tips for travelers

We all know well how much Covid-19 took away from us: our loved ones, health, money, job, and freedom. Especially our freedom to travel and find out new places in the world. Hopefully, 2021 would...

Eco-friendly trains: small steps towards a sustainable future of railways

In comparison to planes and cars, trains are the most efficient way of transportation so far. The railway industry, indeed, contributes to only a small percentage of emissions globally and...

Is Tetra Pak really sustainable?

Tetra Pak is a Swedish company, which deals with food packaging. Everything can be packed: from little packets of milk to soup to juices and larger cartons of milk. These Swedish cartons are...

Agricultural biomethane can actually lead to a change

What are the actions to enhance the role of Italian agriculture and to improve the agroecological transition? Piero Gattoni, President of the CIB – Consorzio Italiano Biogas, says what is needed...

Covid19 and greenhouse emissions: the worldwide fall in 2020

According to an analysis by independent research company Rhodium Group, in 2020 greenhouse emissions fell by more than 10% in the USA.

2021 power sector trends according to the International Energy Agency

Solar energy is no longer just the future but the present. According to the World Energy Outlook's report, photovoltaic solar energy is the cheapest source of electricity in history.

The Beauty of Waste: H&M’s latest eco-friendly collection

Picture from unsplash.com

H&M’s latest collection includes outfits from recycled metals; circular, bio-based fabrics and food waste – everything started from the question: “Can we wear trash?”

10 sustainable ideas for 2021

With small actions, you can actually achieve a great effect. In January, it is quite common setting new resolutions and goals.

Our future depends on bees too!

translated by Lara Gastaldi

Bees are necessary for the whole ecosystem. However, human beings are undermining their existence. Therefore, several initiatives are led to protect different bee...

DHL GoGreen, for zero-impact sea shipments within 2050

translated by Lara Gastaldi

"Burn Less, Burn Clean" is the new DHL's strategy. The global-shipping company wants to drive a significant change for sustainable maritime transport.

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