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How to recycle your household products


Do you know how to recycle toothpaste tubes, medication blister packs and old make-up?

How to travel consciously: 4 eco-friendly tips for travelers

We all know well how much Covid-19 took away from us: our loved ones, health, money, job, and freedom. Especially our freedom to travel and find out new places in the world. Hopefully, 2021 would...

Eco-friendly trains: small steps towards a sustainable future of railways

In comparison to planes and cars, trains are the most efficient way of transportation so far. The railway industry, indeed, contributes to only a small percentage of emissions globally and...

Is Tetra Pak really sustainable?

Tetra Pak is a Swedish company, which deals with food packaging. Everything can be packed: from little packets of milk to soup to juices and larger cartons of milk. These Swedish cartons are...

Agricultural biomethane can actually lead to a change

What are the actions to enhance the role of Italian agriculture and to improve the agroecological transition? Piero Gattoni, President of the CIB – Consorzio Italiano Biogas, says what is needed...

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