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Made in Italy coast to coast holidays

Sea, mountain and villages: this summer Italians will travel by car to discover the beautiful country. After the emergency from Covid-19 the need for an outdoor holiday grows, focusing on...

When alpine streams turn white


The University of Bern’s Institute of Geological Sciences has released a video, in which a unique phenomenon is explained: the stones of rivers and streams on the Alps turn white! 

Post Covid-19 trends in energy

Coronavirus has triggered a series of chain reactions across all economic sectors. From this, some research companies have analysed the electricity generation and electric vehicle market,...

The SDG Action Manager helps companies to achieve sustainability goals

In what way can companies be helped to measure their sustainability? B Lab, a non-profit association for the certification of B corps wants to answer to this question.

Milan is bike friendly: the project Strade Aperte

Milan reshapes the concept of mobility in the post-Covid19 time: the health crisis can be an opportunity to improve the environmental conditions of the city, to increase environment-friendly...

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