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Bezos Earth Fund: $10 billion to save the Earth

Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos announced the launch of a fund against climate change and to "preserve and protect the environment."

COVID-19: animals populate cities

Deserted streets, calm waters and silent countryside: the forced quarantine of man for the COVID-19 emergency opens the doors of cities, ports and countryside to animals. In these days of urban...

Climate Action Corps: a project by the Outdoor Industry Association

Photo by Andreas Chu on Unsplash

In January, the Outdoor Industry Association has announced a new project aimed to get outdoor companies reach net zero emissions by 2050: the Climate Action Corps....

EU countries coalition for a chemical and pesticide-free agriculture

English version by Lara Gastaldi

24 research institutes in 16 EU countries have joined forces intending to change the European agricultural sector, to build a production system which employs no...

SEAL Business Sustainability Awards: winners announced

Last February 2019 SEAL Awards winners have been announced. The term “SEAL” stands for “Sustainability, Environmental Achievement and Leadership”. Every year, global brands achieve such...

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