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Plogging, when running is good for the environment

Three years ago in Sweden, the plogging – collecting waste while running – started. It is now a worldwide trend, which is good both for people’s health and the environment. Such activity is...

Sustainable face masks from abaca

Sustainable face masks: high-recyclable masks made from abaca are now a fact

The Green Drop Awards 2020

Every year - right after the Venice Film Festival - the Green Drop Award acknowledges the movie, which better displays the values of ecology, sustainable development and cooperation between...

Future European Strategies: Sam Kotis' Appeal

In a blogpost recently published, Associate Vice President, Global Energy, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Sam Kotis, made some considerations regarding the European Union's future methane...

The effects of lockdown on wildlife

COVID-19 stopped the world and gave experts a unique opportunity: to understand how human activities impact wildlife. Here's what the search will reveal.

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