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Second-hand market like a breath of fresh air for our Planet

The second-hand market is proving to be an effective way to reduce impacts on the planet, limiting waste and cutting CO2 emissions.

Biodynamic agriculture: is it the revolution for Italian agriculture?

Biodynamic agriculture is getting successfully in Italy. Those who have come into play by applying such technique are achieving excellent results, as well as adapting to European Green Deal's new...

Tree planting will save the Planet!

How can tree planting help us achieve our climate targets under the Paris Agreement? What resources should be deployed to ensure current tree planting initiatives achieve their aims and are...

Plogging, when running is good for the environment

Three years ago in Sweden, the plogging – collecting waste while running – started. It is now a worldwide trend, which is good both for people’s health and the environment. Such activity is...

Sustainable face masks from abaca

Sustainable face masks: high-recyclable masks made from abaca are now a fact

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