How much CO₂ do urban forests absorb?

IBM researchers analyzed the carbon storage capacity of Manhattan plants to make plantings more suitable for reducing CO₂ emissions.

Tourists from Northern Europe choose food souvenirs in Italy

For a couple of years, tourists from Northern Europe are fascinated by typical Italian food and wine products. Here are the most favourite food shops of tourists in Italy.

European Parliament: No more cages and crates by 2027

The European Parliament voted for a resolution to ban cages in the European Union farms.

What is the Cradle-to-Cradle approach?

The Cradle to Cradle approach is considered the circular economy's cornerstone, which allows the products transformation process by reducing waste.

Sustainable mobility: Michelin's innovative projects

The worldwide tyre manufacturer's commitment towards more sustainable mobility is undeniable: at Movin'On 2021, Michelin's ecological plans are introduced by two projects.

An eco-friendly method to extract lithium from seawater

A few years ago it was only a remote hypothesis, but today scientists at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) proved that extracting lithium from the sea is not only...

Bubble Barrier, the solution to oceans'pollution

"Bubble Barrier" borns from a Dutch company's pioneering idea to trap waste that otherwise would end up in the oceans.

Textiles and circular economy: new opportunities after Covid-19

Fabrics and textiles can play a relevant role in the ecological transition. Post-covid times can offer new circular economy business models.

Blue Economy, Sardinia towards a sustainable maritime governance

The Sardinian Regional Council approved a document about maritime spatial planning. Following Europe's Blue Economy directives, the plan aims to become a strategic programme for maritime spatial...

The second life of mobile phones: from electronic waste to 3D jewellery

Thanks to the Horizon 2020 FENIX project, Politecnico di Milano's students have worked on old mobile phones restoration to produce brand-new accessories.

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