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Sustainable Fashion: A more increasing virtuous process in the italian market

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The 52nd edition of Filo, the international yarns and fibres exhibition, closed on October 1st with positive results.

The Italian exhibition on yarns and textiles - Filo - closes with an outstanding outcome - that should be taken as a positive message "an economic context not particularly favourable" affirms Paolo Monfermoso, General Manager of Filo. He continues, stating that "during this edition, 101 exhibitors registered and the number of visitors is in line with the edition held in September 2018. The 52nd edition has represented the opportunity to show the first results of FiloFlow, the sustainability project of Filo. The number of exhibitors who participated (35%) has exceeded our expectations, and this proves the attention of our exhibitors to the issue, often without advertising it.

This is why we have decided to launch FiloFlow, in order to give visibility and enhance sustainable production processes and products carried out by Filo exhibitors. It is the market that requires, with constantly greater insistence, a sustainable and trackable textile-apparel supply chain. And sustainability, as we understand it, should be referred to environmental scope as well as to the social and ethic one and it is a serious and continuous commitment. The response of the companies to FiloFlow project allowed us to detect also the points that it is highly possible to improve and to work on for the future".

Great results, then. Indeed, the outcomes showed by FiloFlow project point up a well-balanced cross section of the Italian fashion and yarn industry. A variety of innovations and solutions in the sustainable industry has been presented at the exhibition: recycled yarns, non-dyed waste wool, textiles made by a blend of chitosan, biomaterials and viscose, sustainable cotton and biodegradable fabric.

Also, Francesco Della Porta from Pozzi Electa positively judges Filo exhibition; he states: "this year's edition has been very positive. Our company is strongly focused on innovation and clients visit us looking for news, that at this stage is referred especially to sustainability. Therefore, we have noticed high interest for our recycled, polyester and cotton yarns. We have laid down the basis for a new project of a biodegradable polyamide/polyester yarns. To summarise, our company is producing totally in Italy and through renewable energy plants: for us, indeed, sustainability is a concrete and very serious commitment".

The 53rd Filo edition is scheduled on February 2020; hopefully with as good results as the closing of this year's edition. Quoting Paolo Monfermoso: "In Circular Economy, everything must be taken into consideration and nothing must be left behind. Even textile materials".

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