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SEAL Business Sustainability Awards: winners announced


Last February 2019 SEAL Awards winners have been announced. The term “SEAL” stands for “Sustainability, Environmental Achievement and Leadership”. Every year, global brands achieve such acknowledgement for their environmentally friendly performances and innovation.

About the Awards

According to the official website, the SEAL (Sustainability, Environmental Achievement and Leadership) Awards is “an awards-driven environmental advocacy organization”, whose “core beliefs maintain that the environmental progress requires true leadership and sustainability leaders deserve recognition”.

Three pillars are included: the Sustainability Awards, which rewards the most sustainable companies in the world, the Environmental Journalism Awards and the Environmental Research Grants.

2019 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards

On February 12th, SEAL Awards announced the winners for the Business Sustainability category. Considering different parameters, such as leadership, transparency, and commitment to sustainable business practices, the SEAL Business Sustainability Awards includes two distinct award categories: the SEAL Organizational Impact Award and SEAL Environmental Initiative Award.

International brands such as Adobe, Cisco, Hilton, Pirelli, and Unilever were among the 2019 selected firms for the SEAL Organizational Impact Award. This award recognizes corporate sustainability performance and aims at acknowledging the 50 most sustainable companies in the world. Winners were selected by combining and ranking the aggregated results of two rigorous, world-class sustainability assessments – specifically, the recently released 2019 CDP A-List and the SAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment. Among the 2019 most eco-friendly companies: Adobe, Cisco Systems, Coca-Cola, Electrolux, H&M, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Hilton, Kering, LG Electronics, Pirelli, Schneider Electric and Siemens.

Concerning the SEAL Environmental Initiative Award; this award credits specific protection and eco-friendly initiatives. The participants are selected according to the following criteria: Impact Metrics, Innovation, Sharing of Insights, and Investment Levels. Among the 2019’s 50 top companies: Adidas, AMD, Disneyland Resort, Humanscale, Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai and Sappi North America.

Matt Harney – SEAL Awards’ Founder – states that “companies, CEOs and corporate boards have a simple but not easy choice before them: whether to exhibit real leadership by investing in sustainable business practices. The sustainability leaders can secure lasting legacies for their grandchildren and corporate stakeholders alike; ESG leaders will have reputations and balance sheets that survive the climate crisisOur mission at SEAL is to rigorously assess and then celebrate extraordinary sustainability leadership. We’re excited to present these elite and impactful 2019 award winners.”


2019 SEAL Environmental Journalism Awards

SEAL Awards acknowledged twelve journalists, whose written works best-documented climate change impacts and solutions. According to the official website, “winners were selected based on a panel review of each journalist’s work, data-driven analysis of the impact and reach of their articles, and consideration for writers who are bringing fresh perspectives and social relevance to environmental issues”. Among the winners, we can find Dave Roberts of Vox, Stephen Leahy of National Geographic, Jonathan Watts of The Guardian, Hiroko Tabuchi of The New York Times, Adele Peters of Fast Company, and Robinson Meyer of The Atlantic.


2019 SEAL Environmental Research Grants

Among the winners of the 2019’s edition, the SEAL Research Grants included the following top score universities: Princeton University, UCLA, Duke University, University of Maryland and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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