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The SDG Action Manager helps companies to achieve sustainability goals

Nasce SDG Action Manager, la piattaforma ONU per la sostenibilità aziendale

In what way can companies be helped to measure their sustainability? B Lab, a non-profit association for the certification of B corps wants to answer to this question.

This project is carried out by the United Nations Global Compact in partnership with B Lab, a non-profit association for B corps’ certification. The UN’s Agenda 2030 shows several goals to be achieved, including social and ecological development. Based on this assumption, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals have been established with 169 sub-goals, which cover human development, growth and environmental protection issues.

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To achieve such goals, the participation of all companies and a constant commitment are needed to make the production chain more sustainable. The United Nations Global Compact, in partnership with B Lab, has developed a tool which helps companies to keep track of their sustainable improvement.

How the SDG Action Manager works

SDG Action Manager is a free platform which can be used online. Its primary goal is to accurately formulate an evaluation of the company's performance. The system of measurement is based on B Lab's Impact Assessment (used to certify B Corp companies), and UN Sustainable Development Goals.
The tool allows companies to easily identify their critical points, their progress, their areas of improvement and even their best practices. This platform can elaborate on a business model’s roadmap for achieving and monitoring sustainability goals. At the moment, such platform is available in multiple languages and is open source for all companies, regardless of geographical location and product sector.

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