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Our future depends on bees too!


translated by Lara Gastaldi

Bees are necessary for the whole ecosystem. However, human beings are undermining their existence. Therefore, several initiatives are led to protect different bee specimen.

The domestic bee, with other insects such as butterflies, is one of the main responsible for plants pollination: each bee is responsible for fertilizing a vast amount of plants on the Earth. While this phenomenon can also occur in some cases through rain and winds, for 70% of terrestrial plant species it is dependent on the intervention of bees.

It is clear how bees play a fundamental role for humans, animals and the whole environment. Unfortunately, the exceptionally high temperatures have caused bees to wake up at least a month earlier than their normal biological cycle. Their survival is now threatened by colder temperatures of this wintertime.

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Coldiretti has already announced that, according to last December and January Isac-Cnr data processing, in Italy the temperature has been 1.65 degrees higher than the historical average. The main reasons for such phenomenon are climate change, deforestation and the use of pesticides. Indeed, over the last 15 years, the latter caused 90% of the bees specimen loss - with effects on the local economy too.

Humans are responsible for such negative changes, and an intervention is needed to put remedy on this situation.
For instance, Rome started an "urban beekeeping" project, which reserves different public areas to beehives. This project will also increase public greenery and a progressive reduction of pesticides.

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