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Future European Strategies: Sam Kotis' Appeal

Sam kotis methane appeal

In a blogpost recently published, Associate Vice President, Global Energy, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Sam Kotis, made some considerations regarding the European Union's future methane strategy.

Sam Kotis - Associate Vice President, Global Energy, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) - stressed the need to "exploit Europe's climate diplomacy and energy policy to reduce methane around the world', adding that the Old Continent 'has a huge opportunity to turn methane emissions into a truly global problem and to give a significant boost to international climate change ambitions by promoting a positive and cooperative global dynamic on methane".

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Besides, he took the opportunity to expand the 'key demand' of its fund (EDF) for the imposition of a strict standard of performance on methane emissions for all gases produced or imported into Europe. Mr Kotis, looking ahead to COP26 in Glasgow in November next year, also called for broad participation in the Global Methane Alliance, as he believes the EU would provide an ideal platform for member countries that would allow them to explicitly incorporate oil and gas felling, based on their national commitments under the Paris Agreement.

Here's a video by the Environmental Defense Fund to raise awareness of reducing the global heating by 2030, through cutting oil and gas methane emissions.

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