Biodynamic agriculture: is it the revolution for Italian agriculture?

Agricoltura biodinamica la chiave di volta per l’agricoltura italiana

Biodynamic agriculture is getting successfully in Italy. Those who have come into play by applying such technique are achieving excellent results, as well as adapting to European Green Deal's new rules.

On October 1st, in Rome was held a conference by Coldiretti; the meeting was about the biodynamic agriculture, which was explained by Coldiretti President, Ettore Prandini, and Carlo Triarico, President of the Association for Biodynamic Agriculture.

Biodynamics is making its way in agriculture in Italy; this can be considered as a revolution, which is based on the deepening of scientific knowledge and no longer on mere technique. Biodynamic agriculture has its roots at the beginning of the 1900s; since then the results achieved have been far from negligible.

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In support of this statement are the data relating to the Italian biodynamics in 2019, which have been presented during the October meeting by Carlo Triarico. The results revealed that last year, in Italy, companies engaged in the application of biodynamic techniques were estimated at 4500, with a growing trend.

Data concerning the economic aspect of biodynamic agriculture are important too: on average, one hectare of land, which does biodynamic farming techniques makes 13,309€, compared to 2,441€ of organic and 3,207€ of traditional agriculture. This is impressive, and it would demonstrate how wrong is the use of fertilizers and pesticides to guarantee a yield adjusted to the physiological, economic and community needs.

In the years 2016-2019, the companies certified by Demeter - the Italian association of producers processors and distributors of biodynamic agriculture and food products - increased by an average of 27.9%. Of this total, 16.5% are farms, 43% processing companies and 28.3% distributors. The growing trend is also confirmed by data about the biodynamic and organic products export, for which Italy is a leading country.

The production standards of biodynamic agriculture already follow the Farm to Fork strategy for the European Green Deal's indications. To further accelerate this growth last July, the Society of Biodynamic Sciences was established, where leading experts in the Italian research division converged to improve the national agriculture - which represents an all-Italian pride.

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