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Innovative alternatives to plastic bags

According to Sustainablebrands.com, the US alone uses an estimated 100 billion plastic bags per year, and less than 10 percent are recycled; single-use plastic bags continue to be one of the top 10...

#SustainableTalks: Liquigas

Nei #SustainableTalks di oggi parleremo di distribuzione di GPL, Sistema Power BI e sostenibilità nella strategia aziendale con Simone Cascioli, Responsabile HSE, Sostenibilità e Innovazione di...

The rise of “Zero-Waste” Restaurants

A number of restaurant operators and diners have in common a “throwaway culture”. This is no longer acceptable.

#SustainableTalks: Rippotai Srl

Nei #SustainableTalks di oggi parleremo di ecosostenibilità, cultura e riciclo con Elena Lazzerini Monaco (Sales Director and Co-Founder) e Tito Intoppa (Creative Director & Co-Founder) di Rippotai...

Celebrating Earth Day 2021

The day dedicated to Earth was established in the United States in 1970. The annual event gathers millions of people around the world to show their support to the environment and to highlight the...

#SustainableTalks: Deborah Zani di Rubner Haus

Nei #SustainableTalks di oggi parleremo diriciclo, riuso e biodegradabilità con Deborah Zani, CEO di Rubner Haus.

Our tips for cutting plastic waste out of daily routine

When it comes to plastic waste, bathrooms are full of products sheathed in plastic: moisturizer, shampoo, razor, toothbrush, and so on. However, our care does not have to contribute to plastic...

#SustainableTalks: Roberto Pecci di IPM Italia

Nei #SustainableTalks di oggi parleremo di innovazione, riqualificazione e responsabilità sociale con Roberto Pecci, Direttore Commerciale e Shareholder di IPM Italia Srl.

Net Zero + Nature: Netflix’s commitment by 2022

Netflix’s new goals include achieving carbon neutrality by 2022. The company revealed its commitment on the official website.

(image courtesy of Nadjib BR on Unsplash.com) 

#SustainableTalks: Filippo Capurso di Andriani Spa

Nei #SustainableTalks di oggi parleremo di innovazione nel settore food, filiera sostenibile e strategia From Farm to Fork con Filippo Capurso, Sustainability Coordinator di Andriani S.p.A. Società...

How to be sustainable for Easter season: our 5 tips

Easter sure is fun, however, like any celebrations, it can take a toll on the planet.

What is the impact of Real Estate?

In human history, there is more carbon in our atmosphere than at any time ever. 50% of CO2 which was emitted in the last 300 years is the same amount of CO2 produced since 1980.

#SustainableTalks: Federico Micheli di TOLO Green

Nei #SustainableTalks di oggi parleremo di settore biotech, Expo 2020 Dubai e microalghe con Federico Micheli,  Chief Operating Officer di TOLO Green.

To protect the forests at all costs: 2021 World Wildlife Day Film Showcase winners

The Winners of the 2021 World Wildlife Day Film Showcase were shown during the virtual World Wildlife Day Celebration at UN Headquarters.

#SustainableTalks: Francesco Farinetti di Green Pea

Nei #SustainableTalks di oggi parleremo di economia circolare e sostenibilità economica, ambientale e sociale con Francesco Farinetti, amministratore delegato Green Pea.

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