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Our tips for cutting plastic waste out of daily routine

When it comes to plastic waste, bathrooms are full of products sheathed in plastic: moisturizer, shampoo, razor, toothbrush, and so on. However, our care does not have to contribute to plastic...

#SustainableTalks: Roberto Pecci di IPM Italia

Nei #SustainableTalks di oggi parleremo di innovazione, riqualificazione e responsabilità sociale con Roberto Pecci, Direttore Commerciale e Shareholder di IPM Italia Srl.

Net Zero + Nature: Netflix’s commitment by 2022

Netflix’s new goals include achieving carbon neutrality by 2022. The company revealed its commitment on the official website.

(image courtesy of Nadjib BR on Unsplash.com) 

#SustainableTalks: Filippo Capurso di Andriani Spa

Nei #SustainableTalks di oggi parleremo di innovazione nel settore food, filiera sostenibile e strategia From Farm to Fork con Filippo Capurso, Sustainability Coordinator di Andriani S.p.A....

How to be sustainable for Easter season: our 5 tips

Easter sure is fun, however, like any celebrations, it can take a toll on the planet.

What is the impact of Real Estate?

In human history, there is more carbon in our atmosphere than at any time ever. 50% of CO2 which was emitted in the last 300 years is the same amount of CO2 produced since 1980.

#SustainableTalks: Federico Micheli di TOLO Green

Nei #SustainableTalks di oggi parleremo di settore biotech, Expo 2020 Dubai e microalghe con Federico Micheli,  Chief Operating Officer di TOLO Green.

To protect the forests at all costs: 2021 World Wildlife Day Film Showcase winners

The Winners of the 2021 World Wildlife Day Film Showcase were shown during the virtual World Wildlife Day Celebration at UN Headquarters.

#SustainableTalks: Francesco Farinetti di Green Pea

Nei #SustainableTalks di oggi parleremo di economia circolare e sostenibilità economica, ambientale e sociale con Francesco Farinetti, amministratore delegato Green Pea.

How to recycle your household products


Do you know how to recycle toothpaste tubes, medication blister packs and old make-up?

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