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#SustainableTalks: Ivan Mazzoleni di Flowe

Nei #SustainableTalks di oggi parleremo di BetterBeing Economy ®, realtà benefit  e valore aggiunto sostenibile per gli stakeholders con Ivan Mazzoleni, CEO di Flowe.

Un webinar per presentare la 54esima edizione di Filo

In vista della 54esima edizione di Filo – salone internazionale dell’industria dei filati – che si terrà il 7 e 8 ottobre 2020 al MiCo Milano Congress Centre, sono state presentate in modalità...

#SustainableTalks: Ilaria Lenzi di Gruppo Sanpellegrino

Nei #SustainableTalks di oggi parleremo di impronta ecologica, riciclo della plastica e protocolli di sostenibilità con Ilaria Lenzi, CSV Brand Manager del Gruppo Sanpellegrino.

When alpine streams turn white


The University of Bern’s Institute of Geological Sciences has released a video, in which a unique phenomenon is explained: the stones of rivers and streams on the Alps turn white! 

#SustainableTalks: Enrico Viganò di FinDynamic

Ozone layer healing: the Hole over the Artic has closed up

What is happening to the Ozone Hole? According to the latest news, the hole has closed up in the Arctic region – and COVID19 lockdown has nothing to do with it.

New GRI Standards

GRI - Global Reporting Initiative - is providing all stakeholders with the opportunity to help determine the areas that the Global Sustainability Standards Board (GSSB) should focus on over the...

Climate Action Corps: a project by the Outdoor Industry Association

Photo by Andreas Chu on Unsplash

In January, the Outdoor Industry Association has announced a new project aimed to get outdoor companies reach net zero emissions by 2050: the Climate Action Corps....

SEAL Business Sustainability Awards: winners announced

Last February 2019 SEAL Awards winners have been announced. The term “SEAL” stands for “Sustainability, Environmental Achievement and Leadership”. Every year, global brands achieve such...

The city of Karlsruhe will be sustainable by the end of 2022

The Finnish company Stora Enso will provide the city of Karlsruhe (Germany) a renewable, biomass-based heating district by the end of 2022.

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