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New agriculture after 2020 National Strategic Plan


Towards a greener Strategic National Plan (in Italian: PAC): here are the proposals which emerged during the Conference "Post 2020 PAC: towards the Strategic National Plan".

Agriculture will be oriented towards sustainability: this is the aim, which has been presented during the Conference "Post 2020 PAC: towards the National Strategic Plan ", which was held in Rome on January 23rd  at Spazio Europa managed by the European Parliament Office and by the Representation of the European Commission in Italy.

The associations which promoted the initiative, gathered in #CambiamoAgricoltura alliance, supported by Fondazione Cariplo, and set out their point of view on the Common Agricultural Policy post 2020, one of the most important Community policies, in view of the Green New Deal’s goals. At the conference a great number of experts got involved, such as Franco Ferroni (representing WWF) and Danilo Marandola representing CREA.

According to the Alliance #CambiamoAgricoltura, the National Strategic Plan should ensure a primary role for agriculture, nature conservation and climate change, through the support of new digital technologies. At the same time, it is important to facilitate the work of farmers by spreading the approach to organic and biodynamic agriculture. The coalition is clamoring for the National Strategic Plan’s regulations approval within 2020, taking into account a "road map" for sustainable development, which has been discussed and approved by the EU Commission, as well as by the EU Parliament itself. The EU negotiation is currently underway, which will include these topics’ evaluation.

On the other hand, Italy too must commit itself to planning its National Strategic Plan to grant greater subsidiarity to the member states of the European Union. This document should suggest in what way the Member States intend to achieve the general objectives of Europe's sustainable development policies. The #CambiamoAgricoltura Alliance’s conference put attention on 9 primary goals to achieve a greener post 2020 National Strategic Plan.

The 9 goals aim at economic, environmental and social sustainability:

  • To strengthen food security across the EU perimeter
  • To increase competitiveness, with greater investments in innovation and research
  • To improve farmers’ position in the value chain
  • To provide support to reduce climate change
  • To promote the sustainable use of resources, such as water and land
  • To protect biodiversity
  • To support young farmers and restore rural areas
  • To encourage jobs and growth in rural areas

The coalition #CambiamoAgricoltura was born in 2017, in order to follow the process that will lead to the post 2020 National Strategy Plan. The alliance includes more than 50 environmental and organic agriculture associations; for instance, WWF, Lipu, Legambiente, FAI, ProNatura, ISDE, Federbio, AIAB - which stands for Italian Association of Biodynamic Agriculture. The latter has been strengthened since the beginning of 2020 with the new important memberships of the national associations Slow Food Italy, AIDA (Italian Association of Agroecology) and Kronos Onlus Academy.

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